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18 December 2018

Outside the town is buzzing with parties and jolly, winemakers are hoping for frost, the children for a white Christmas and a bonanza of presents and most of the adults for a quiet time with some great wine. But we are all about what's going on next year.

On a windy, wet December day when the sun hasn’t been out for a week and won’t come out for at least another week and hopes of a white Christmas is once again a distant dream (At least in Copenhagen, where we are based), it is a good thing to look forward. Not just to the festivities coming soon with abundance of mouthwatering wine and invigorating Champagne, but also to the spring ahead.

An early Christmas present has come our way, as this January the VDP. Prädikatsweingüters have come together to go on a winter tour to showcase their best wines. In selected towns in Germany and in Scandinavia in Copenhagen, the VDP. Winemakers will give an early taste of their 2017 VDP. Grossen Gewächse (equal to Grand Cru) white wines and their 2015-2016 VDP. Grossen Gewächse red wines as well as the world famous sweet wines from VDP. Grosser Lage.

There’s nothing quite like fresh German whites after a few months of bottle maturation and we are as always sitting on pins and needles to taste what the next years Spätburgunders and Frühburgunders will bring! Who knows may be Christmas will last all the way to Easter in 2019?

The event days will be:

Hamburg – 14th of January 2019

Munich – 28th of January 2019

Cologne – 21st of January (Ahr, Nahe, Pfalz, and Rheinhessen) and 11th of February 2019 (Baden, Mittelrhein, and Mosel)

Copenhagen – 25th of February 2019

And there’s more to look forward to this spring in Europe. After the kick off of the VDP. Tour, Vinisud and VinoVision comes together in Paris to celebrate French and International wines 11th-13th of February before the event of the year ProWein takes off in March for the full experience of what 2019 will bring winewise.

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