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Wine Explorer is a Wine Magazine featuring articles, reviews, how to's and much more. Our focus is mainly on cold climate wines. Contributing to the blog is:

Johanne Steensgaard Johansen
Johanne (Jo) Steensgaard Johansen’s interest in wine evolved during her years as a professional equestrian when she was travelling Europe on a monthly basis in the '00s. There, she found a taste and fascination for wine as a regional specialty and a distinctive feature of an area's traditions, culture, and, naturally, terroir. Later, as a professional working in some of London’s high-end wine bars she had the fortunate opportunity to cultivate her palette and extend her comprehension of worldwide wines on a near daily basis. Today, she still firmly believes that a wine should be experienced in its regional setting to be fully appreciated and travelling for wine is the best possible way to understand wines, and a great way to spend your time off!
Allthough originally a beer reviewer and Brewer, Kim Lund Johansen now has an equal focus on reviewing wine. As he has traveled the world for the best wine for a decade and written over 5.000 reviews, he has developed a keen palate and his sharp analytical sense that provide Wine Explorer with an unconventional and intriguing perspective. Kim’s taste for wine spans over several different shapes and sizes, from German Spätburgunder to Californian Shiraz and traditional Old World reds to funky, modern Natural wines. His comprehensive understanding of production and ‘life circles’ of fermented beverages generates his ability to break down a wine to its components and fully appreciate fine craftsmanship in a wine.

Kim Lund Johansen
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