Weingut Von Winning

08 September 2017

Originally founded under the name "Deinhard" in 1849 the Winery has been under the name "von Winning" since 2009 after Achim Niederberger bought it in 2007. Von Winning is a VDP (association of German premium wineries) winery with vineyards around Ruppertsberg, Deidesheim, and Forst.

Under the hands of wine maker Stephan Attman, the wines undergo spontaneous fermentation in oak barrels and no pumps are used during transfers, as they have a gravity setup. 

Von Winning has wine on many of of the classic outstanding Vinyards in the Deidesheim/Forst area. Among them:

  • Paradiesgarten
  • Ungeheuer
  • Kalkofen
  • Langenmorgen
  • Kieselberg
  • Pechstein
  • Jesuitengarten
  • Kirchenstück 

We visited the estate in Deidesheim July this year and tasted the following wines. 

2016 VDP Erste Lage Maushöhle
89 Fruity nose with hints of peach an minerals. Dry minerally flavor with again peachy notes and light floral honey. 
2016 VDP Erste Lage Hergottsacker
88 Aroma had floral hints along with peach. Flavor came out mineralic with hints of forest flowers and mild peach. Finished somewhat dry.
2016 VDP Erste Lage Paradiesgarten
89 Nice delicate fruit in the nose with a mineralic touch. Flavor was in perfect balance between residual sweetness and acidity with substantial notes of fresh fruit. Melon, peach and lemon.
2016 VDP Erste Lage Reiterpfad
90 Delicious fruity nose with young mirabelle and peach. Semi powerful flavor with fat fruit and depth. Delicious mouth feel.
2015 VDP Erste Lage Reiterpfad
87 Not same intensity as the 2016 vintage, but still good fat fruit in both aroma and flavor.
2016 VDP Erste Lage Ölberg
89 Fine, light fruits in the aroma. Slightly oily mouthfeel. A very powerful wine.
2015 Ungeheuer GG
92 Powerful aroma with massive amount of fresh fruit. Fat taste that provided a big mouth feel and abundant amount of fruit. Hints of vanilla towards the end. Dry finish.
2012 Pinot Noir I
84 The nose had tannins and hints of oxidised fruit. Off dry flavor with red berries and a lack of tannins. Finished somewhat dry. 

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