Weingut Maibachfarm

31 March 2018

Located south of Ahrweiler, Maibachfarm is one of the more modern wineries in the Ahr wine region. On just under 9.5 hectares of vineyards they cultivate 70% Pinot Noir, 10% Frühburgunder and, among others, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc. The oldest Pinot Noir vines are up to 70 years old.

Current Winemaker Alexander Weber took over the management of the winery at the age of 23 in 2013. As a trained oenologist, he pursues wine quality and his own wine style - clear and precise Pinots Noirs. 

In 1999, Maibachfarm went organic, ecological viticulture and since then they have been processing all their land in accordance with Bioland guidelines. They do it out of a responsibility towards nature and because they are convinced that a living soil provides the best basis for healthy grapes and great Burgundy-style wines. The grapes are carefully selected by hand in the vineyard, and their top wines have an extremely low yield of about 25 hectoliters per hectare. 

Besides direct sales from the winery, Maibachfarm also runs a delicatesse shop, named Ahr-Gourmet, in the historic center of Arhweiler. It is primarely stocked with their wine range, but you will also find various food specialities. Definetely worth a stop if in the area.

Looking into the future, Maibachfarm is looking to increase the quality of the wines in which more and more quality Pinot Noir clones are planted in the best locations of the Ahr and these continue to be cultivated organically. To reach that goal, however, the vineyards planted today must first become 20 to 25 years old, so that very high quality wines can be produced from them.

We had the chance to meet up with Alexander Weber during the recent ProWein for a tasting and a chat about his wines.

Maibachfarm Silberberg Spätburgunder 2016
91 Made from more than 35 year old vines. Aroma had ripe cherries, wild strawberries, raspberries, oak, foerest floor and smoke. Flavour showed wild strawberries, small red cherries, oak, raspberries, red currants and forest floor. Fruit forward and fresh. Medium plus acidity, medium tannins and dry.
Maibachfarm Silberberg Spätburgunder 2015
92 Made from more than 35 year old vines. Aroma had succulent cherries and red berries, oak, smoke, red apples, vanilla and red currants. Flavour showed succulent cherries, oak, smoke, subtle vanilla, herb garden, currants and wild strawberries. Medium acidity, medium firm tannins and dry. Elegant and intense.
Maibachfarm Heimesheimer Burggarten Spätburgunder 2015
90 Aroma showed forest floor, cherries, currants, oak and smoke. Flavour showed succulent red cherries, oak, smoke, leather, currants, forest floor, mixed small berries, and wild strawberries. Firm tannins, medium plus acidity and dry.
Maibachfarm Herrenberg Spatbürgunder 2015
89 Aroma had forest floor, ripe red cherries, smoke, oak, herb garden, red berries and currants with subtle hints of leather. Over the palate came succulent cherries, currants, herbs, leather, wild strawberries, oak and smoke. Medium plus acidity, medium plus tannins and dry.
Maibachfarm Terrassen Spätburgunder 2015
89 Aroma had succulent cherries, sweet red berries, oak, currants, smoke, and forest floor. Flavour showed cherries, currants, oak, smoke, forest floor and herbs and subtle tobacco leaves. Medium plus acidity, medium plus tannins and dry.
Maibachfarm Ahrweiler Spätburgunder 2015
88 Aroma had intense red cherries, oak, smoke, herb garden and currants. Flavour had cherries, currants, oak, wild strawberries and subtle smoke. Medium plus acidity, medium plus tannins and dry.
Maibachfarm Ahr Trocken Spätburgunder 2015
87 Aroma had sweet red cherries, wild strawberries, mixed forest berries, and subtle oak. Flavour showed cherries, forest floor and light oak and herbs. Medium acidity, medium tannins and dry
Maibachfarm Frühburgunder R 2016
90 Spicy aroma with ripe dark cherries, oak, herbs, sweet red berries, and forest floor. Flavour showed succulent darker cherries, oak, forest floor, hints of leather, and currants. Medium plus acidity, medium plus tannins and dry.
Maibachfarm Frühburgunder 2016
87 Slightly herbal aroma with forest strawberries, raspberries, small sweet mixed berries, and sweet vanilla. Flavour showed strawberries, red currant, spice, herbs, and raspberries. Hints of vanilla. Medium plus acidity and dry.
Maibachfarm Blanc De Noir Trocken 2017
88 Aroma had fresh pear, peach, melon, mango, lime, white flowers and passionfruit. Flavour showed pears, lime, mongo, peach, apricots, passionfruit, and hints of lychee. Medium plus acidity and dry.

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