Schloss Lieser - Thomas Haag

17 August 2017

Celebrated as the Winemaker of the Year 2015, along with several other prices and achievements the same year, Thomas Haag produces stunning wines at Schloss Lieser Estate by the Mosel. All his wines are fermented spontaneously under constant low temperature in the 100 year vaulted celler contributing to their distinctive and unique identity.

Thomas Haag currently have plots at the famous Grand Cru sites: Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Graacher Himmelreich, Bernkasteler Doctor, Piesporter Goldtröpfchen and Juffer Sonnenuhr along with other.

He and his family undertake all tastings themselves. We had the pleasure of visiting the Winemaker in July as part of our trip to Mosel.

VDP. Gutswein 2016 SL Riesling trocken

Yeast and sulfur in the aroma. Green apples, citrus fruit and nectarine. Soft mouthfeel with lime and white stonefruit on the palette. A hint of licorice.

VDP. Gutswein 2016 SL Kabinett trocken
85 Strong smell of sulfur in the nose with citrus fruits underneath. Less soft on the palette with more licorice and white stonefruits.
VDP. Gutswein 2016 SL Helden Spätlese trocken
89 Nicely balanced in the aroma with white flowers and citrus fruits. Creamy consistency with white stone fruits and green apples on the palette with a hint of licorice.  
VDP. Gutswein 2016 SL Feinherb
89 White flowers, nectarine and light plums in the nose. Creamy consistency with white stone fruits and flowers on the palette with a  nice ratio of acidity. Well balanced.
VDP. Grosse Lage 2016 Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett
85 Sulfur and yeast in the nose. Flavour of Mandarine, nectarine and peach. Very soft with a good acidity.
VDP. Grosse Lage 2016 Braunberger Juffer Kabinett
88 Fruity nose with sweet wine gum notes.  Flavor had tangerine and peach. Still a bit of sulphur left.
VDP. Grosse Lage 2016 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett
91 Beautifully balanced in the nose and on the palette. Very fruity upfront with a minerally finish. 

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