Reichsrat von Buhl

18 August 2017

Deidesheim is home to two of the best wineries in Pfalz and Reischsrat von Buhl is one of them. Since its founding in 1849, Reichsrat von Buhl has stood for some of the noblest Riesling from the best vineyards of Pfalz in southern Germany. Von Buhl also specialises in creating top quality Sekt. Underlined by the fact that they hired the former cellar master - Mathieu Kauffmann - from Bollinger in 2013. 

We had the pleasure of tasting the following wines on our visit.

Reichsrat von Buhl Sekt Riesling Brut NV
90 Apples and lemon in the nose. Flavor was dry with lemon, light faint peach and apples. Finished dry.
Reichsrat von Buhl Reserve Brut NV
91 Tight nose with smoke and minerals. Flavor was dry and crisp with smoke, minerals and apples. Finished bone dry.
2016 Von Buhl Deidesheimer Mäushöhle
88 Aroma had fresh forest floor and hints of peach. Flavor had fresh apple, pear and hints of pine needles. Finished dry.
2016 Von Buhl Deidesheimer Leinhöhle
87 Delicate peach in the nose with hints of apple. Flavor had notes of apple and unripe plum.
2015 Von Buhl Deidesheimer Hergottsacker
89 Fruity nose with hints of peach and delicate plums. Flavor had fresh fruit and mineral notes.
2015 Von Buhl Deidesheimer Paradiesgarten
90 Aroma had minerals with delicate fruits. In the flavor we got a solid amount of fruit with notes of peach and lemon. Dry finish.

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