Carl Loewen - Mosel Elegance

10 August 2017

At the bottom of Mittelmosel the river takes a sharp bend at Leiwen and Trittenheim. Home to some of the regions most renowned Wineries. This July we had the pleasure of meeting Karl Josef Loewen, in his home, where he conducted a tasting for us.

Carl Loewen focusses on dry elegant Rieslings with characteristics as "session" wine. Wine you can drink before, during and after dinner. The Fallstaf Deutschland 2017 Wine guide recently awarded Loewen as winery with the best 2015 selection.  Out tasting was mostly 2016 wines and they were nothing short of fantastic. Nothing over powering but elegant, pure and to the point Riesling.

The wines arises from the great slopes of Maximin Herrenberg, Ritsch, Maximin Klosterlay and Laurentiuslay.

2016 Carl Loewen Varidor
89 Floral aroma followed up by mineral notes. Mineral flavor with hints of peach. Good balance.
2016 Carl Loewen Quant
89 Solid fruit in the nose. Easy drinking with a nice dry finish.
2016 Carl Loewen Riesling Alte Reben
90 Mineralic nose with nectarine notes. Flavor was soft but held a nice structure. White floral notes towards the end. Good acidity.
2016 Carl Loewen Laurentiuslay Riesling Alte Reben Trocken
89 Aroma had floral notes with hints of peach. Flavor was light and elegant with light fruit and floral notes. 
2015 Carl Loewen Ritsch Grosses Gewächs
89 Aroma had lime and young mandarin. Flavor was initially fruity with lime, lemon, mandarin and finished  with a nice mineral touch. 
2015 Carl Loewen Maximin Herrenberg Grosses Gewächs
89 Light stone fruit with a good acid that balance it out. Fine structure and mineral finish.  
2015 Carl Loewen 1896
93 Aroma had plenty of nectarine, peach and passion fruit. Same thing in the flavor. Perfect balanced by mineral notes and a pleasant dry finish. 
2016 Carl Loewen Maximin Herrenberg Aulese
88 Good balance. Solid fruit. Not a lot of noble rot. A little young but pleasant.
2011 Carl Loewen Maximin Herrenberg Auslese
93 Aroma had noble rot and plenty of overripe fruit. Flavor was sweet with overripe fruit, noble rot and white stone fruit. Lovely depth and balance.

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