Bischöfliches Weingut Rüdesheim

19 September 2017

The Bischöfliches Weingut in Rüdesheim is romantically situated in the Medieval monastery, where Saint Hildegaard of Bingen lived and worked for some years in the 12th century. It is a small uphill stroll from Rüdesheim's city centre, but well worth the trip if you are in the area as it is recommended as the best nearby winery by locals. That was also our experience when we visited in July 2017.

The winery has plots on the vineyards Rüdesheimer Klosterlay, Berg Roseneck, Berg Rottland and famous Assmannshausen.

On our visit this summer we visited the old cellar featuring modern equipment followed up by a tasting.

2016 Rüdesheim QbA trocken
87 Big fruit bouquet in the nose of pale fruits, some plum and honey melon. Finishes dry and minerally.
2016 Laudate Rüdesheim QbA trocken
88 Fine fruits in the aroma, apricots and nectarines with a little bit of honey in both nose and on the palette. Finishes dry and minerally. Very well structured.
2015 Berg Schlossberg Katerloch
88 Fruity nose with peach and hints of mineral. Flavor was fruity with minerals, mirabelle and peach. Elegant.
2015 Berg Schlossberg Ehrenfels
89 Rich in pale fruit in aroma and on the palette. Very well balanced and a very pleasant wine.
2015 Berg Rottland 1960
91 Elegant floral notes combined with lemon. Mineral flavor with notes of lemon and peach. Very pleasant and harmonic.
2012 Assmannshausen Pinot Noir S
91 Powerful Spätburgunder pakked with dark fruits and herbs. Good amount of tannins with wood and tobacco. Well balanced.
2013 Rüdesheim Pinot Noir S
90 Very well rounded and elegant. Clean with tight tannins and a fine example of Spätburgunder.


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