Ahr Valley Spätburgunder

28 August 2017

Located in the valley of the river Ahr and with only 558 hectares this wine region is one of Germany's smallest. Despite being in Northeast of Germany, the Ahr vineyards are known to have a "Mediterranean" micro climate. This surprising fact means that Ahr produces red wines primarily and red grape varieties account for 86% of the vineyard area, which is more than in any other German wine region.

Ahr is also the world's most Northern wine region dominated by red wine and quite a hidden gem featuring stunning views and outstanding Pinot Noir. Most of the wines never leave Germany, though, as the area had a sketchy reputation up until resently. It used to be home to dreaded, sad Liebfraumilch reds, but since the 1990's a red wine revolution of excellence have turned this area in to one of the most interesting and cutting edge wine destinations to visit.

We visited the region in July earlier this year and this time around we called on Burggarten, Peter Kriechl and Maibachfarm.

Burggarten Spätburgunder Signatur trocken
86 Black currant and ripe plums. Firm structure and a good acid bite. Finished dry.
Burggarten Heimesheimer Spätburgunder trocken
87 Aroma had cherries and and black berries combined with light melting chocolate. Flavour was fruity with notes of oak and hints of vanilla. Tight and dry.
Burggarten Sonnenberg Spätburgunder trocken
90 Aroma had dark berries, spices and wood. Flavour was dry with a good structure. Dark berries, spices and oak. Tight with some good tannins. Finished dry. 
Burggarten Schieferlay Spätburgunder trocken
90 The nose and flavour both had plums, dark cherries, fresh forest berries, and black currant. Nice tannic bite and it ended solid dry.
Maibachfarm Ahrweiler Spätburgunder trocken Barrique
86 Aroma had peppercorns with burnt almonds and warm plum. Flavor was somewhat spicy with cherry and caramel with a fine coffee-flavour present. Well integrated tannins breaking through in the end.
Maibachfarm Recher Herrenberg Spätburgunder trocken Barrique
88 Aroma had an interesting mix of spicy pepper and mild chocolate. Flavor had plums with hints of carnations. Plenty of well integrated though punchy tannins finished it off dry.
Maibachfarm Walporzheimer Spätburgunder Terassen trocken Barrique
90 Wild berries and fine coffee that the Pinot Noir develops in the bouquet. The taste showed a powerful body with a rounded, spicy tannin structure. Sharp and clean. Plenty of oak.
Maibachfarm Silberberg Spätburgunder trocken Barrique
90 Aroma had red fruits, such as a young blackberry and a slender black cherry. Delicate spices round off the pleasant scent. Plenty of tannins in the flavor which also left notes of oak and vanilla.
Peter Kriechel Spätburgunder "B" trocken
87 Orange and lemon, licorice and delicate smoky notes, polished tannin, milk chocolate, and restrained acidity. Dry finish.
Peter Kriechel Neuenahrer Sonnenberg Spätburgunder trocken
88 Fairly restrained bouquet featuring cherries. Subtle wood touch, fine acid structure and well integrated tannins in the flavour. Finished dry.
Peter Kriechel Rosenthal Spätburgunder trocken
89 Cherry hits the nose along with wild forest berries and oak. Flavour had potent tannins, cherry, oak and plums. Nice structure and clean. Dry finish.
Peter Kriechel Kräuterberg Spätburgunder trocken Goldkapsel
90 Dark berries and oak in the nose. Well composed flavour with a good structure and nicely integrated tannins. Clean and potent. Finished dry.


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